Hi, I’m Leah Mayes, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital Designer & Brand Guru!

I believe we are all given a gift in life. Mine is to create brands for established businesses that are true to their values and speak louder than words. True to their style, real, relatable brands.

Creative beginnings

As a child, growing up in the Southern Queensland countryside, I loved playing outdoors. I equally loved helping my Dad in his ‘Print Shed’ playing Graphic Designer. Whenever I had the chance I’d be helping him collate and number books and design logos, invitations and business cards. My love of design, paper and print started right there in Dad’s shed. I am forever grateful for all Dad taught me, from trimming cards & making plates to mixing ink. I still love the smell of ink, as it reminds me of walking into his workshop. My Dad not only passed on his skills and love of print, but also his passion for life.

Who I work with

I started out in digital design approximately 20 years ago, but I found my true calling as a graphic designer in branding and print design almost 10 years ago. When I work with businesses who share the same passion for success as I do, this gets my heart racing. I enjoy designing refreshing branding, recipe books and promotional and learning materials for natural, organic, plant, food, health, education and nature inspired organisations including:

  • National parks & wildlife;
  • Landscape architects;
  • Environmental companies;
  • Propagation nurseries and plant wholesalers;
  • Organic manufacturers;
  • Schools, educational institutions and learning centres;
  • Naturopaths;
  • Whole food eateries and coffee shops; and
  • Interior Designers.

I enjoy helping others convey their brand story and authentic voice through visual imagery (and the written word). My strengths lie in creating strong and evocative highly functional designs, which exude flawless craftsmanship.


When it comes to style, I love working with clean fresh colour palettes and plenty of white space. A clean yet versatile aesthetic. Somewhere between scandi, coastal and country, I draw inspiration from a company’s products and services, as well as the world around me, especially nature, the trees, pebbles, sand, water and skylines. The warmth of natural fibres and rustic bleached timbers appease my senses. I enjoy all genres of art including painting/drawing, poetry, film, literature, dance, graphic design and mixed media, and have since early childhood. Expressing myself through these genres helps me find inner peace.

People often respond to my creations and go out of their way to tell me how it has affected and inspired them. This appreciation of my work fuels me to continue creating.

Visualising your brand story

Ruby Blue Creative is all about re-igniting your passion, your business and telling your story through memorable design that amplifies your brand and your bottom line. I want to share my experience and creative energy by creating powerful visuals that spark an instant emotional connection with your customers. If you think we’re a good fit and are looking to level up your business, I’d love you to get in touch.