Relatable branding for family-owned lifestyle businesses

Family Business Rebranding

Have you outgrown your current brand?

Watching your competitors take in client after client, dollar after dollar while you’re struggling to grow your business, can be totally heart breaking. I hear you. It could be that your logo and brand image no longer represent who you are and what you do. Don’t worry, we all change and evolve. It’s only natural. Our brand transformation packages will help re-align your brand and evolve with you. It’s your time to shine! 

You’ve been doing everything your
business coach told you, but nope, still no ‘ideal’ clients coming through the door.

Sound familiar? Building a brand isn’t easy, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. I’m here to help you turn a corner and make it happen. With known strategies and brand awareness, along with 10+ years working in user experience design, I deep dive head first into your business and find out if there’s anything stopping you from achieving your business success. We then work together, through a staged plan to ensure every touch point is covered, from social media, to catalogues, to your website design. Together, we’ve got this! Branding isn’t just a part of your business, it is your business. Make a powerful first impression.

Branding for family businesses
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Hi, I’m Leah, the creative heartbeat behind Ruby Blue Creative.

I believe we are all given a gift in life. Mine is to transform and help grow businesses into flag flying, professional, highly sought after brands that are true to their values and speak louder than words! Yep, I work closely with you to help nurture your brand into a relatable, well-placed, visible brand, that will have your clients lining up for more.

Is your current logo and
brand costing you money?

Our Free Brand Checklist will help maximise every dollar.

Happy Customers

Absolute Personal Fitness Logo and Business Card Design

I had a wonderful experience with Leah who designed my business logo and business cards. She was really thorough with her preliminary work to ensure we were on the same page. Her replies to any questions I had were really prompt. I am so pleased with the results.

Debra Phillips, Absolute Personal Fitness


Leah has an amazing talent at being able to design, create and deliver on her clients’ requirements. I am so thankful for Leah’s patience, and time and effort she put into designing the sign for the front of my home business. I loved the result. Leah is a true professional in Design and Graphic Art and I thoroughly recommend her services for any Branding and Design solutions.

Susan Burns, Travel Counsellors

Business Card Design Brisbane

Leah was fantastic. With a very vague idea of our vision she was able to consult with us, lock it down and get results for us under the added pressure of a very tight time schedule. Thank you so much.

Quentin Andrews, Just Add Plants